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HSS takes Shure's 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Offer one step further!

It's happening now! — due to the FCC Spectrum Auction, the use of wireless microphones and personal monitor systems in the frequencies between 616 MHz - 653 MHz and 663 MHz - 698 MHz (aka the 600 MHz Band) will eventually be prohibited by law. What does this mean? Customers using wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz Band should prepare to transition to another range of the frequency spectrum.

Our friends at Shure are offering a 600 MHz Rebate program that allows you to trade in your eligible system for a rebate toward the purchase of a new qualifying Shure wireless microphone or personal monitor system. Eligible systems for trade-in aren't limited to Shure models — other manufacturers are included in the rebate offer (see list below).

Hollywood Sound Systems can help with your transition.

When you purchase your new qualifying Shure wireless microphone or personal monitor system from Hollywood Sound Systems, we will handle all the steps required for you to reclaim your rebate — including checking for rebate eligibility, advising on new Shure equipment to help you purchase with confidence, assisting with the completion of the rebate form, and packaging/shipping your trade-in product (shipping costs may apply). The rebate check will be sent directly to you from Shure.

Rebates are paid per audio channel. To qualify for a full eligible rebate amount, the full number of returned channels must match the number of purchased channels. Wireless systems come in a variety of configurations. Receivers may have multiple channels. In the case of PSM Systems, transmitters can also be multi-channel.

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In addition to Shure models — other manufacturers are included in the 600 MHz Rebate Program, such as — AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Sony, Wisycom — and others. Call Hollywood Sound for more information about qualifying systems.

The rebate offer only applies toward the new purchase of qualifying Shure products — as illustrated in the chart below.

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Shure's 600 MHz Rebate Program is effective until April 30, 2018. You can read the full terms and conditions at their website.

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