Shure's Axient™ Digital 4-Channel Wireless System

Axient™ Digital integrates the most cutting-edge innovations of Shure's professional wireless audio technology into a groundbreaking, feature-rich, system that brings an unprecedented level of signal stability, sound clarity, & confident, superb performance to the most challenging RF environments. Drop us a line for more information — or, give us a call — 323-466-2416. You may also download a PDF of this page.


The Axient™ Digital AD4Q and AXT600 are at Hollywood Sound Systems

Shure's Axient™ Digital 4-Channel Wireless Mic SYSTEM Components —

  • The AD4Q 4-Channel Digital Receiver, the AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager, ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitters, the AD610 Diversity ShowLink™ Access Point, & the SBRC Battery Rack Charger.

The AD4Q Four-Channel Digital Receiver — sets a new standard in spectral efficiency with features that include a wide-tuning range up to 184 MHz, low latency, High Density (HD) mode, Quadversity mode for extended antenna coverage & improved RF signal-to-noise, true digital diversity reception per channel for drop-out resistance, networked control, AES3+AES67+Dante™ output, and signal routing options.

The AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager — provides wide-band UHF spectrum scanning, analysis, and compatible frequency coordination — scans and analyzes the global UHF spectrum (470-952 MHz) in approx. 1 minute — enables powerful RF protections, interference detection & avoidance via ShowLink™ — is compatible with Axient™ Digital & other Shure networked wireless systems — and, easily connects to your computer or ShowLink™ Access Point via 2 Ethernet ports.

Shure ADX1M is available at Hollywood Sound Systems

The ADX1M - Micro Bodypack Transmitter — is an incredibly small, smooth, user-friendly bodypack with internal antenna for better concealment & comfortable wear — delivers impeccable audio quality & RF performance, is equipped with ShowLink™ remote control for real-time parameter adjustments & interference avoidance, and features wide tuning, High Density (HD) mode, sealed switches & LEMO connectors for moisture protection.

AD610 Diversity ShowLink™ Access Point at Hollywood Sound Systems

The AD610 Diversity ShowLink Access Point — enables real-time remote control of all ShowLink™-enabled Axient™ transmitters, including both ADX & AXT series models — up to 24 transmitters per access point. The SBRC Battery Rack Charger — accommodates up to 8 Shure rechargeable bodypack & handheld transmitter batteries in a single rack space, providing a seamless, touring-ready battery charging & storage solution.

Hollywood Sound Systems has been in the business of designing and providing the very best in professional wireless microphone systems — for sale and rental — for nearly 60 years — & we can help you design the perfect wireless sound solution for your situation or next occasion! Give us a call — 323-466-2416, or drop us a line.