Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing System

Aviom Monitor Mixing System  is  at Hollywood Sound Systems

Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing Systems represent the industry-standard in personal mixers – allowing each performer and recording musician the ability to adjust their individual monitor mix to their personal preference. Simple to operate, with powerful results – the system is perfect for use with headphones and in-ear monitors. Components to the system include Aviom's A360 Personal Mixers – and the D800-Dante A-Net Distributor – which provides the link between the Personal Mixer and the input module or console card – and delivers power and a copy of the digital audio stream to the Mixer through standard Cat-5e cables.


The Aviom A360 is available at Hollywood Sound Systems.
Aviom A360 provides a variety of controls.
Aviom A360 at Hollywood Sound Systems.
Aviom A360 features a variety of controls.

The Aviom A360 Personal Mixer offers powerful features – 4 Instant Mix Recall™ presets plus 16 standard presets, One Touch Ambience™ using network audio or the onboard mic, customizable channel selection from up to 64 channels – with the streamlined user interface that makes Aviom the industry favorite for personal mixing on stage and in studio. It's compatible with all existing Aviom Systems – and can be used simultaneously with the A320 and/or A-16II Personal Mixers. Other features include using the A360 Display™ app on your iOS device to communicate with a WiFi router connected to the Ethernet network port on the rear panel of the D-800-Dante – and saving mixer settings, channel assignments, names, and more to a USB thumb drive for easy transfer to another unit, and as a backup of preferences.


Aviom D800-Dante A-Net Distributor is at Hollywood Sound Systems

The Aviom D800-Dante A-Net Distributor is a 2RU rack-mountable device that delivers power and audio to up to 8 Aviom Personal Mixers, using standard Cat-5e cables. Easy to set-up, with no IP addressing, routing, or switch managing – the D800-Dante can be used with A-16II, A320, and A360 Personal Mixers in any combination.

Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing System at Hollywood Sound Systems

A-Net is a proprietary high-speed data transmission protocol – developed by Aviom and based on LAN technology – capable of sending or receiving high-quality digital audio using readily available Cat-5 cables.

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