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Hollywood Sound Systems is pleased to supply the FM transmitter package for the Magic Asphalt Comedy Show – the marvelous drive-in comedy series that’s currently playing onstage every weekend in the parking lot of the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood – boasting an impressive line-up of comics performing “under the stars” while audience members dine in their cars and tune in via their car radios. Comedian Tammy Jo Dearen and her wife Nikole Larson came up with the idea for the Show, intending to bring community and comedy together during this challenging time. Find out more here - Images by Nikole Larson, provided by Magic Asphalt. Drive-in, dine-in, and laugh!

Microphome is available at Hollywood Sound Systems

There’s a lot of talk right now about how to safely disinfect and clean professional audio equipment of a smaller size — microphones, earpieces, headphones, headset mics, walkie-talkies, and more — especially in the time of COVID-19. Microphome™ is a product we’ve found to be well-suited to the task. You can read more about it here. We presently have a limited supply available for sale — and we offer Microphome™ in a 3-pack at our Reverb Shop. Since its introduction at NAMM several years ago — Microphome™ has been endorsed by many industry notables as a must-have, alcohol-free, anti-microbial solution for routinely and safely disinfecting and deodorizing exterior microphone surfaces, as well as other sensitive electronic items. Let us know what you've found!

Hollywood Sound Systems is moving on March 21, 2020

We're excited to announce that beginning March 21st, Hollywood Sound Systems is moving! Our new location is about 5 min., or 1.4 miles, up the road from our present site. Please make note of our new address. Starting Monday, March 23rd, we look forward to serving you at our new location - 6908 Tujunga Ave. in North Hollywood, near the intersection of Vanowen and Tujunga Avenue. See you there!

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On Thursday, September 12, from 11am-1pm, Hollywood Sound Systems is hosting a Lunch & Learn event - featuring a technical presentation of the Alteros GTX Series Local Area Wireless Mic Network - by Jonathan Novick, Director of Marketing & Sales for Alteros. (Seating is limited, so you'll want to act now! Questions? - 323-466-2416.) Alteros is a subsidiary of Audio Technica. The Alteros GTX Series offers an innovative new approach to wireless mic systems, without the need to coordinate frequencies, and without causing interference or creating intermodulation.

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You'll want to add this date to your July calendar! The 2019 North America Tour, highlighting the Bosch Communications brands of audio equipment — which includes Dynacord and Electro-Voice — will be making a stop at Hollywood Sound Systems on July 18 at 9am (PST). Call John Conard for details — 323-466-2416 — or request more info here. Don't miss this perfect opportunity to interact with the most current innovations from the Bosch family of popular product lines — speaker systems, amplifiers, wireless conferencing, and more. We look forward to see you!

Hollywood Sound Systems at the Obama Blvd renaming ceremony and street festival

Recently, when the City of Los Angeles hosted a "Naming" Ceremony and Street Festival -- officially renaming a south LA street as "President Barack Obama Boulevard" in honor of the former President -- Hollywood Sound Systems was pleased to provide the sound services, including the state-of-the-art Bose Pro ShowMatch system, for the event. You can find out more + view some images from the event at our HOME page. To view a larger selection of images from the day, particularly presenting the ShowMatch system at work -- visit our LIVE EVENTS page. And, contact us about bringing the indescribable sound of ShowMatch to your next event! You really do have to hear it to believe it! (Photo: ©John Conard / Hollywood Sound Systems).

Hollywood Sound Systems and Bose ShowMatch

Steve Harvey has written an article in ProSound News — describing Hollywood Sound Systems, a bit of our history, some of our contributions to the sound industry over the years — and highlighting our Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ Line Array System. Harvey writes, “Harrison enjoys the challenges presented by his clients: “Somebody will say they want to do something out of the ordinary; I rather revel in those things.” This beautifully captures the passion and attitude of the entire Hollywood Sound Systems staff! — Read the full article here! (Photo by Steve Harvey.)


Another happy customer! Very rewarding to be part of a project with a great historical significance in the Motion Picture Industry!

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You'll find this news in several sources online, but here's a link to the MIXONLINE article detailing the digital audio upgrades that Hollywood Sound Systems recently made to the historic Pasadena Playhouse. It's a great example of the value in transitioning from an outdated analog system to new technology, the immediate benefits for an organization, and how "going digital" provides expanded opportunities for them and their patrons. (Photo Credit: Allison Smart mixing Pirates of Penzance on the Yamaha CL5. Photo provided courtesy of Pasadena Playhouse.)

The Rivage PM7 Digital Mixing Console is available through Hollywood Sound Systems

CHECK OUT OUR LATEST VIDEO — highlights from our recent RIVAGE PM7 DEMO DAY! Hollywood Sound Systems is excited to present the latest from Yamaha’s groundbreaking RIVAGE PM SERIES -- the brand new RIVAGE PM7 Digital Mixing System! Based around the CSD-R7 Digital Mixing Console, it features built-in signal processing for mixing and effects, and the critically acclaimed SILK processing function from Rupert Neve Designs. The Rivage PM7 offers two types of high-performance I/O Rack Units -- the TWINLANe network and Audinate’s Dante. Yamaha mixers are built on the philosophy that the ideal starting point for creative audio engineering is transparent, uncolored sound, providing the perfect foundation for creative processing. The RIVAGE PM7 is a wonderful new addition to the RIVAGE family, with an abundance of great features and possibilities — they are available now! — call us today! 323-466-2416, ask for John Conard, our Sales Manager.

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Important news for users of wireless microphones and personal monitor systems - due to the FCC Spectrum Auction, systems operating in the 600 MHz band will soon be prohibited by law. Our friends at Shure are offering a 600 MHz rebate program that allows you to trade in your eligible system for a rebate toward the purchase of a new Shure wireless product. Hollywood Sound has a solution that will help make your transition hassle-free by taking Shure’s offer one step further. Find out how! Visit our 600 MHz Rebate page for more information, or call us at 323-466-2416. But do it today! Time is running out!

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In response to a recent surge in requests for assisted listening solutions — we’re reposting a link to our informative video on the Listen Technologies product line. Listen is a company we are proud to represent. Their products are proven to work beautifully in countless environments, providing scaleable solutions for ADA Compliance, event production, interpretation, seminars, tours, and more. This is perfect for houses of worship, education, courtrooms, meeting areas, corporate offices, conference rooms, conventions, and tour groups.

For over 50 yrs Hollywood Sound Systems has been designing smart sound solutions for whatever you might need — how can we help you? Call us! 323-466-2416.

Hollywood Sound Systems - Reverb Shop of Used Gear

Don’t forget to stop by the Hollywood Sound Systems shop at where you can browse and choose from a wonderful selection of our new and used gear. So - repeat the following: “Hollywood Sound Systems is my number one resource for pro audio equipment rental and sales.” Oh yeah, baby! Happy 2017!

The Tascam DA-6400 is available at Hollywood Sound Systems.


Imagine a 64-track recorder that takes up only one rack space! The DA-6400 is a universal backup recording system for up to 64 audio tracks received from a Digital Audio Workstation or live mixing console. The recorder can be used with a variety of interface boards like MADI, DANTE, DigiLink, AVB or AES/EBU to integrate flawlessly into virtually any environment. Records to swappable hard drives; use Tascam's DA-6400 Control for iPad. Available for rent or purchase. Call Hollywood Sound at 323-466-2416

The Adamson S-Series Speakers at Hollywood Sound Systems

Come by and give a listen to the Adamson S-Series speakers! Sound great and are mind blowing! They are up and ready for a demo. Hollywood Sound - 323-466-2416

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If you missed the CEDAR Audio/Cambridge demos at Hollywood Sound, not to worry. The DNS2 is now available for rent along with other great CEDAR Audio products!

The DNS2 is perfect for Dialogue Field Recording as well as studio & post production. Having a 4 pin 12VDC power socket, makes it suitable for all live situations - not just location & live to air broadcasting, but also for live venues such as concert halls, Houses of Worship, theaters, & conference venues.

- Questions? call us at 323-466-2416

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The new Schertler DYN-P-P48 fully balanced active dynamic contact microphone is specially designed to reproduce the wide frequency range and complex sound qualities of the piano; suitable for use with both upright and grand pianos, it can be easily and safely applied to even the most valuable of instruments using special adhesive putty, and positioned accordingly to capture the instrument’s best tonal qualities. Available for rent now. Call 323-466-2416 for more information.


Providing audio for your next event just got a whole lot easier! The DENON ENVOI Portable Speaker System is a compact and easily transportable PA system that is AC or Battery-powered and features a built-in UHF wireless system with hand mic, Mic/Line 1&2 combo inputs, 1/8-inch (3.5mm) Aux Input, SD card reader, MP3 players (USB), and Bluetooth — with retractable handle and wheels. Perfect for wherever you have a need for clear high-fidelity sound — at outdoor events and ceremonies, business meetings, small musical ensembles, and more. Call Hollywood Sound at 323-466-2416 for a demo.

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The Yamaha Rivage PM10 is on display in our demo room this week. It is a great opportunity to come in and experience hands on Yamaha’s new PM digital mixing system - it is truly awesome! There are a limited number of appointments available -- so call Hollywood Sound at 323-466-2416 to reserve your time now.


We are happy to announce that we will be hosting our friends at Group One as a stop on their 2016 Lighting Roadshow!

Group One's amazing family of lighting products will be on display, including new updates to the powerful Avolites consoles, brand-new (and long-awaited) releases from elektraLite, and the addition of DTS Lighting to round out a phenomenal and fully featured lineup.

Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 14th from noon-4pm by RSVP here.

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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - We have the popular Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor Systems in stock and available for rental & sale. The PSM 1000 system features a P10T dual channel transmitter, P10R receivers, SE425 sound isolating earphones, & network control via Ethernet connection. The PSM 1000 In-Ear Monitoring System is compatible with the Shure PSM 900 system. Call Hollywood Sound today for more info or a demo - 323-466-2416.


Do you love affordable line arrays and point source speakers that sound great and pack a punch? How about systems that are as easy to set up as a calculator and feature on-board Dante audio networking? Maybe you like it when they're designed together to create seamless end-to-end performance?

Well so do we, especially when we get to play with them on our turf.

Join us on Wednesday, August 10th as EAW and Mackie present RADIUS and AXIS. Details and RSVP here


We invite you to come visit with the dLive console, just give us a call at 323-466-2416 so we know you're coming. We have one set up for you to get your hands on and judging from the response from our recent training sessions, you're in for a treat.

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Listen Technology’s Sam Nord stopped by to go over the new PL900-01 Listen Wi-Fi server. The PL-900 server receives analog audio from one to six audio interfaces (4 to 24 channels) and converts it to digital multicast network transmission for a wireless access point to communicate to mobile devices.

Right away, we noticed something we were sure wouldn't be possible: almost no latency. A few of our guys pulled out their phones, downloaded the app, and done. We were receiving good audio in seconds and there was virtually no delay of the audio sync. Some of us are Apple, some are Android; it made no difference.

Many venues can utilize this technology, including sports facilities, house of worship, and sports bars to name a few. Patrons of these facilities will enjoy the audio experience this technology has to offer. For further information contact a Sales or Rental Tech.

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Today, we had a look at the prototype of the forthcoming Mackie DC16, and we have to say that we are blown away. Using a DL32R and our favorite audio networking and control protocol (Dante™, duh) we were set up and mixing in seconds with a side of Mackie we've never seen.

Aside from being snappy and elegant, the surface was surprisingly easy to get around on. And with the added benefits of dockable iPads, we felt like we had all the control and freedom to move around our venue that we needed.

The surface also has a 4x4 Dante™ audio interface on the chip, allowing headphone cues and talkback and the like. It never really felt like other "brain-in-the-box" systems to us. With the great feature set of the DL32R we have already come to know, we were really excited about the possibility of a high performance mixer system with recording that was easy to set up and great for permanent or temporary installation.

We will follow up when we have a chance to take it out on a show. For now, we think schools and houses of worship especially should be looking out for this...


Hello friends of HSS! We are currently overhauling our site and we are happy to share our progress with you. Take a look around and let us know what you think by emailing Brett at


We recently took a deep dive into the world of lighting featuring products by Avolites and Elektralite. Here is an introduction to the powerful Avolites Quartz console and AI Media Server with Brad White.

Hollywood Sound Systems hosted an event with DPA microphones and Yamaha's Kevin Kimmel gave some folks a quick look at the forthcoming PM10 Rivage console before the show.

Hollywood Sound integrated dozens of DANTE-enabled pieces with YAMAHA's NUAGE system and guests had an opportunity to learn about and experience each of them.