The Rivage PM7 Digital Mixing Console is available through Hollywood Sound Systems

The new Rivage PM7 Digital Mixing Console is shipping now

CHECK OUT OUR LATEST VIDEO — highlights from our recent RIVAGE PM7 DEMO DAY! Hollywood Sound Systems is excited to present the latest from Yamaha’s groundbreaking RIVAGE PM SERIES -- the brand new RIVAGE PM7 Digital Mixing System! Based around the CSD-R7 Digital Mixing Console, it features built-in signal processing for mixing and effects, and the critically acclaimed SILK processing function from Rupert Neve Designs. The Rivage PM7 offers two types of high-performance I/O Rack Units -- the TWINLANe network and Audinate’s Dante. Yamaha mixers are built on the philosophy that the ideal starting point for creative audio engineering is transparent, uncolored sound, providing the perfect foundation for creative processing. The RIVAGE PM7 is a wonderful new addition to the RIVAGE family, with an abundance of great features and possibilities — they are available now! — call us today! 323-466-2416, ask for John Conard, our Sales Manager.