DENON ENVOI - Quick Start Guide & PDF

The Denon Envoi Portable Speaker System is a compact and easily transportable AC or battery powered PA system that features a built in UHF wireless system with hand mic, SD card reader, MP3 players (USB), and Bluetooth; has retractable handle and wheels. Follow these basic steps to quickly begin using the system. You may also download a PDF of this quick start guide.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Step 1.jpg


Turn on the main power switch, located on the lower section of the back panel.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 2


Turn on the RF Receiver.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 3


Turn on the RF Transmitter (switch is on the bottom of the microphone). As you test the mic, adjust the volume of the speaker.


Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 4


Change channel via up/down buttons - find a channel number that works for your location - ultimately one that has no interference.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 5


Open the transmitter (the microphone), and locate the IR Symbol inside the battery compartment.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 6


Point the IR Symbol on the transmitter (the mic) toward the IR Symbol on the receiver - it's important for the 2 symbols to "see" each other. Then, press the ASC button.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 7


The IR light will flash momentarily and turn off. The RF light will now light up, indicating the mic and the receiver are in-sync.

Denon Envoi Quick Start Guide Step 8


Make sure to close the battery compartment of the RF transmitter (the mic). And be sure to raise/extend the antenna.

Now - you should be good to go!

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