LISTEN EVERYWHERE from Listen Technologies is available for demo at Hollywood Sound Systems

We’re receiving many inquiries regarding LISTEN EVERYWHERE — the WiFi product from Listen Technologies that streams audio directly to users’ smartphones in 3 easy steps — (1) downloading the free app, (2) connecting to the venue’s wireless network, and (3) choosing a channel. The system accommodates unlimited channels — supporting up to 1,000 users per server using an existing wireless network — streaming audio to smartphones and tablets with virtually zero latency. It's a particularly great solution for using a Listen System in a crowded, potentially unsuitable RF environment.

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The LW-100-02 close-up — active channel indicator lights and power switch on the front panel — Ethernet Port, USB Port, power connector, terminal block audio inputs, and RCA audio inputs on the back.

In-app features include customizable banners, graphics, and content — allowing you to display welcome messages, videos, sliding banners, and provide pdf documents — such as church programs, classroom instructions, or materials in multiple languages.

Listen Everywhere is a cost-effective solution for ADA compliance / Assistive Listening, language interpretation, and delivering multi-room/channel audio to guest’s smartphones. It has been an ideal solution for users at Houses of Worship, Theaters, Conference and Hospitality Centers, Education, sports bars, restaurants, and other venues. In the present time of the COVID-19 crisis, the system is offering new approaches for providing audio to people on their own devices and earbuds — accommodating the necessity for social distancing and personal responsibility.

A demo model of the Listen EVERYWHERE LW-100P-02 2-Channel Server is currently available at Hollywood Sound Systems. Contact us to arrange to see it — or, give us a call for more information — 323-466-2416.