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Power Amplifiers

Apogee AE5 Rack sm.jpg

Apogee AE5 Rack

The Apogee AE5 rack includes the AE-5 processor, a QSC PL236 and PL4.0 amplifiers, configured to work with AE5 speakers.

Bryston 4B ST.jpg

Bryston 4B ST

The Bryston 4B ST Studio amplifier delivers 275w @ 8Ω per channel; bridging switch configures the amplifier into a single 800W channel of sound.

Crown IT 4000 rev.jpg

Crown IT-4000

The Crown IT400 Dual channel 4000w amplifier with DSP processing delivers 1250 watts per channel @ 8ohms, or up to 4000 watts @ 8 ohms in the bridged mono mode.

HSS XW15 2CH sm.jpg


The HSS XW-15 2CH Rack contains two QSC 326 amplifiers, configured to provide a dual channel bi-amped package with preset QSC DSP-3 cards.

HSS XW15 4CH sm.jpg


The HSS XW-15 4CH Rack contains four QSC 336 amplifiers, configured to provide a 4 channel bi-amped package with preset QSC DSP-3 cards.

Perreaux 9000b rev.jpg

Perreaux 9000B

The Perreaux 9000B Studio Amplifier delivers 500w per channel @ 8Ω per channel.

QSC PL 4.0.jpg

QSC PL 4.0

The QSC PL 4.0 2-channel PowerLight Amplifier with PowerWave technology is capable of 900w per channel @ 8Ω, or 2800 watts in bridge mode.

QSC 6.0II.jpg


The QSC PL6.0ll PowerLight 2-channel Amplifier delivers 1500w per channel @ 8Ω, and up to 5000 watts in bridge mode.

QSC CX168.jpg


8 channel 120w per CH @ 8Ω, bridgeable

QSC PLX3102.jpg


The QSC PLX3102 professional 2-channel amplifier has 550w per channel @ 8Ω, or 1900 watts in bridge-mono mode.