Hollywood Sound Systems has one of the largest pro audio rental selections in the Los Angeles region — including new and vintage audio equipment, microphones, PA and monitor systems, mixers, and so much more. Our online list reflects only a part of our full inventory — if there’s a product you would like that isn't listed here, call us. Our rental agents are ready to assist you!

Weekly and monthly rates are available. You’ll find information about the LES F. HARRISON MICROPHONE COLLECTION of rare and interesting mics here.

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Record and Playback

Otari rev.jpg


Otari Reel to Reel - 7.5 & 15 IPS 1/2 track rec & playback + 1/4 playback

COBY 02 MP3 MP-CD 521.jpg


Coby CD-MP3 player

Technics Quartz SP15.jpg

Technics Quartz SP16 Turntable

Technics Quartz SP16 Turntable Quartz-locked 3-Speed

Marantz CDR-300.jpg

Marantz CDR-300

Portable ENG CD recorder

Korg MR-1.jpg

Korg MR-1

Ultra compact DSD recorder. 20Gbyte internal hard drive, 6 hours of recording at the highest audio quality (1-bit 2.8 MHz stereo), or approximately thirty hours at CD quality

Korg MR-1000.jpg

Korg MR-1000

Portable DSD recorder. 2 channels. DSDIFF, DSF, and WSD (2.8224 MHz @ 1-bit or 5.6448 MHz @ 1-bit). multi-bit PCM formats (BWF or WAV) with resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kHz

Fostex FR-2.jpg

Fostex FR-2

Portable DAT recorder

Zoom H4N rev.jpg

Zoom H4n

The H4n professional portable recorder with high quality XY stereo microphone and two XLR external inputs.

Sound Devices XL-DVDRAM.jpg

Sound Devices XL-DVDRAM

External bus-powered FireWire DVD-RAM drive for use with all 7-Series recorders.


Sound Devices XL-1394

Power conditioner for use when powering bus-powered external data drives with the 702, 702T, 722, and 744T. For use only during realtime recording to external drives

Sound Devices 702t.jpg

Sound Devices 702 T

The 702T two-track digital audio recorder is designed for portable production applications. onboard Ambient time code generator, record to convenient, removable Compact Flash cards and external FireWire drives.

788t-master smaller.jpg

Sound Devices 788T

8-track CompactFlash Recorder, FireWire, USB, Word Clock, and Time Code Generator


360 Systems Instant Replay

Digital playback unit 50 hotkeys, analog I/O, D-net, 24 Hr hard drive


360 Systems Instant Replay 2

Digital playback unit 50 hotkeys, analog I/O, WAV, 24 Hr hard drive

360 Systems Shortcut.jpg

360 Systems SHORTCUT

2 channel editor, self contained, w/ digital & analog inputs

DigiCart II 360 System rev.jpg

360 Systems DIGICART

Digital cart machine

Denon DN-2100F rev.jpg

Denon DN-2100F

Rack mount dual CD player w/ cue, S/PDIF, remote, crossfading, "CD scratch"

Marantz PMD-325.jpg

Marantz PMD-325

Rack Mount CD Player (SINGLE)

Tascam CD-01U.jpg

Tascam CD-01U

Rack Mount CD Player (SINGLE)

Alesis ML-9600.jpg

Alesis ML-9600

Masterlink- High resolution master disk recorder

Marantz CDR-300.jpg

Marantz CDR-300

Portable ENG CD recorder

Tascam CDR 200.jpg

Tascam SS-CDR200

Professional CD/Solid State recorder with remote and keyboard


ILY Athena

1 x 11 bay DVD Duplicator

Max Optical CD8PO.jpg

Max Optical CD8PO

7 Bay CD Duplicator

Alesis HD24.jpg

Alesis HD24

24 bit 24 track hard disk recorder (IDE)

JoeCo Blackbox Balanced Analog I:O.jpg

JoeCo Blackbox Balanced Analog I/O

24 bit 24 track hard disk recorder (external USB2 7200rpm hard disk) with balanced analog I/O

JoeCo Blackbox Unbalanced Analog I:O.jpg

JoeCo Blackbox Unbalanced Analog I/O

24 bit 24 track hard disk recorder (external USB2 7200rpm hard disk) with unbalanced analog I/O

Tascam CDRW 901.jpg

Tascam CDRW 901

Professional CD Recorder w/MP3 Playback • Bal. Analog I/O • AES/EBU Digital I/O • Timed Track Increment • Cascadable for extended recording time

Tascam CDRW 2000.jpg

Tascam CDRW 2000

Professional CD recorder.

Tascam CD D4000 rev.jpg

Tascam CD-D4000

CD Duplicator

Tascam DA-P1.jpg

Tascam DA-P1

Portable recorder w/ headset

Tascam DA-60 MKII rev.jpg

Tascam DA-60 MK II

Timecode DAT, Batch Digitizes w/ AVID

The Tascam DA-6400 is available at Hollywood Sound Systems.


The DA-6400 is a universal backup recording system for up to 64 audio tracks received from a Digital Audio Workstation or live mixing console. The recorder can be used with a variety of interface boards like MADI, DANTE, DigiLink, AVB or AES/EBU to integrate flawlessly into virtually any environment. Use Tascam's DA-6400 Control for iPad!

Tascam DA88.jpg

Tascam DA-88

8 track digital recorder, "Hi-8" tape w/ SMPTE

Tascam DA-98HR.jpg

Tascam DA-98HR

8 track digital recorder w/ confidence head

Alesis ADAT II rev.jpg

Alesis ADAT XT20

8 track digital recorder S-VHS tape w/ ELCO -XLR

Tascam X-48.jpg

Tascam X-48

96 channels recording, 232 mixing, HD video up to 4:2:2, intuitive hardware interface, MADI I/O

Fairlight Xynergi.jpg

Fairlight Xynergi

96 channels recording, 232 mixing, HD video up to 4:2:2, intuitive hardware interface, MADI I/O

Avid / ProTools - Various

All Protools systems are custom configured with Intel Macs. Please call to have us put together a system for you.

Pioneer CDJ-1000mkll.png

Pioneer CDJ-1000mkII

Digital Vinyl Turntable (CD) player, 3 cue points per disc, reverse, real time looping, touch sensitive 7" platter , digital & analog o/p.

Pioneer DJM-600.png

Pioneer DJM-600

4 channel professional DJ mixer

Denon DN720 R.jpg

Denon DN720 R

2 track cassette w/ Dolby B & C, HX Pro


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