Hollywood Sound Systems has one of the largest pro audio rental selections in the Los Angeles region — including new and vintage audio equipment, microphones, PA and monitor systems, mixers, and so much more. Our online list reflects only a part of our full inventory — if there’s a product you would like that isn't listed here, call us. Our rental agents are ready to assist you!

Weekly and monthly rates are available. You’ll find information about the LES F. HARRISON MICROPHONE COLLECTION of rare and interesting mics here.

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Avalon VT737sp rev.jpg

Avalon VT737sp

1 channel Class A vacuum tube preamp with sweepable EQ and opto-compression

Avalon VT747sp rev.jpg

Avalon VT747sp

1 channel Class A vacuum tube preamp with 6-band program EQ and opto-compression

BSS FDS-334.jpg


2 channel crossover w/ limiting

GML 8200.jpg

GML 8200

2 channel parametric EQ

Klark-Teknik DN-360B.jpg

Klark-Teknik DN-360B

30 band dual channel graphic, boost & cut, w/ transformers

Klark-Teknik DN-410B.jpg

Klark-Teknik DN-410B

Dual channel, 5 band parametric EQ

Lafont LP24.jpg

Lafont LP24

3 notch dip filter, HPF, LPF

Manley Massive Passive EQ.jpg

Manley Massive Passive

passive EQ w/tube make up stage (2 channel)

Rane AC23B.jpg

Rane AC23B

3 channel crossover

Yamaha Q-2031B rev.jpg

Yamaha Q-2031B

31 band graphic EQ, dual channel

Yamaha YDP2006.jpg

Yamaha YDP2006

40 memory digital parametric, MIDI

Yamaha D1030.jpg

Yamaha D1030

Digital EQ & line delay


Antares ATR1 rev.jpg

Antares ATR1

Vocal effects processor; autotuner

Eventide DSP4000.jpg

Eventide DSP4500

Multi effects processor

Eventide H3000SE.jpg

Eventide H3000SE

Digital/analog effects, MIDI

Lexicon 480L.jpg

Lexicon 480L

2 x 4 channel multi effects processor

Lexicon 960L.jpg

Lexicon 960L

8 x 8 channel multi effects processor

Lexicon PCM42 rev.jpg

Lexicon PCM 42

Digital reverb-limited bandwidth MONO

Lexicon PCM60.jpg

Lexicon PCM 60

Digital reverb-limited bandwidth

Lexicon PCM70.jpg

Lexicon PCM 70

Digital effects processor, MIDI capable

Lexicon PCM80.jpg

Lexicon PCM 80

Digital effects processor, MIDI capable

Lexicon PCM81.jpg

Lexicon PCM 81

Digital effects processor, MIDI capable

Lexicon PCM90.jpg

Lexicon PCM 90

Digital effects processor, MIDI capable

Roland SDE3000.jpg

Roland SDE3000

Digital delay

Neve 5045.jpg

Rupert Neve Portico 5045 "Magic Box"

Primary Source Enhancer

TC Electronics TC-2290.jpg

TC Electronics TC-2290

Dynamic digital delay

TC Electronics M6000 System.jpg

TC Electronics M6000 System

6000 12 channel in/out (digital/analog--assigned separately)

Yamaha D-1030.jpg

Yamaha D-1030

Digital delay, 1 in, 3 out

Yamaha Rev5.jpg

Yamaha Rev 5

Digital reverb, full bandwidth, MIDI

Yamaha Rev7.jpg

Yamaha Rev 7

Digital reverb, MIDI

Yamaha SPX 90.jpg

Yamaha SPX 90

Digital effects processor, 2 channel

Yamaha SPX990.jpg

Yamaha SPX 990

Digital effects processor, 20 bit, 2 channel

Yamaha SPX2000.jpg

Yamaha SPX 2000

Digital effects processor, 24 bit, 96 kHz+C338, 2 channel AES & analog output

Dynamics Processors

Aphex 300 rev.jpg

Aphex 300

"Compellor", 2 channel

Aphex 651.jpg

Aphex 651

"Expressor", 1 channel

Aphex (700):720.jpg

Aphex 700/720

"Dominator", 2 channel

Aphex 9651.jpg

Aphex 9651

“Expressor” 1 channel

Avalon 2044.jpg

Avalon 2044

Class A opto- compressor

Avalon VT737sp.jpg

Avalon VT737sp

1 channel Class A vacuum tube preamp with sweepable EQ and opto-compression

Avalon VT747sp.jpg

Avalon VT747sp

1 channel Class A vacuum tube preamp with 6-band program EQ and opto-compression

BSS DPR402.jpg


2 channel limiter / De-esser

Chandler TG-1.jpg

Chandler TG-1

Abbey Road compressor

DBX 1066.jpg

DBX 1066

2 channel compressor/ limiter with noise gate

DBX 160AD.jpg


2 channel compressor/ limiter

DBX 162.jpg

DBX 162

2 channel compressor/ limiter

DBX 166XL.jpg


2 channel compressor/ limiter with noise gate

dbx 903 rev.jpg

DBX 903

2 compressor / limiter module

Fairchild 660.jpg

Fairchild 660

1 channel variable mu tube compressor/limiter

Fairchild 670.jpg

Fairchild 670

2 channel variable mu tube compressor/limiter

GML 8900.jpg

GML 8900

2 channel compressor/ limiter

Manley Variable MU.jpg

Manley Variable MU

Vacuum tube Fairchild type compressor

Summit DCL200 rev.jpg

Summit DCL-200

2 channel vacuum tube compressor/ Limiter

Summit TLA-100a.jpg

Summit TLA-100a

1 channel vacuum tube compressor

TC Electronics Finalizer.jpg

TC Electronics Finalizer

Mastering 3 band dynamics & EQ, 96 kHz

Teletronics LA2A.jpg

Teletronics LA2A

1 channel tube opt-compressor leveling amplifier

UREI 1176.jpg

UREI 1176

Peak limiter

Waves Maxx BCL rev.jpg

Waves Maxx BCL

Bass enhancer, compressor, limiter

Noise Filters

Aphex 622.jpg

Aphex 622

2 channel Dynamic processor

Cedar Cambridge rev.jpg

Cedar Cambridge

24 bit 96 KHz multi-process noise filter, 8 channel

ceder dns 2.jpg


The CEDAR DNS 2 features dialogue noise suppression technology to eliminate general background noise and help compensate for unfavorable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement; use in location recording, broadcasting, theaters, concert halls, conference venues, and houses of worship. Features analog and digital inputs and outputs, AC/DC power.

Cedar DNS 1000 rev.jpg

Cedar DNS 1000

1000 2 channel AES/EBU dynamic noise filter

Cedar DNS 1500.jpg

Cedar DNS 1500

Dynamic Noise filter- AES or SPDIF

Cedar DNS2000.jpg

Cedar DNS 2000

Dialogue noise suppressor for Pro Tools- USB

Cedar DNS 3000.jpg

Cedar DNS 3000

Fully automated Dialogue noise suppressor for Pro Tools

Cedar DNS One.jpg


Dialogue noise suppressor plug-in for Pro Tools

DBX 902.jpg

DBX 902

De-Esser module

DBX 904.jpg

DBX 904

Noise gate module

Drawmer DS201.jpg

Drawmer DS201

2 channel noise gate

Orban 516EC.jpg

Orban 516EC

3 channel De-Esser

Roland SN-550 Digital Noise Eliminator.jpg

Roland SN-550

Digital noise eliminator


Yamaha DME 64.jpg

Yamaha DME 64

Programmable, Networkable Mixing Engine

Yamaha DME32.jpg

Yamaha DME 32

Digital Mixing Engine

QSC DSP-3.jpg


Attachable EQ / crossover card for use with QSC PLX series amplifiers. Requires PC with software to use

QSC DSP-30.jpg


2 channel digital signal processor with Combo XLR input/output

connectors, 1 RU


shure axient AXT600.jpg

Shure Axient AXT600 Spectrum Manager

The AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager delivers wide-band UHF spectrum scanning, spectrum analysis and compatible frequency coordination—all in a single rack unit.

Audio Control SA-3052.png

Audio Control SA-3052

Portable 1/3 octave RTA, AC/DC

Brainstorm DCD8.jpg

Brainstorm DCD-8

Wordclock distripalizer

Brainstorm SR15.jpg

Brainstorm SR15

Timecode analyzer,stripper distributor

Dorrough 1200.jpg

Dorrough 1200

Stereo test set

Dorrough 280-E.jpg

Dorrough 280-E

60dB scale, VU & PEAK reading 2 channel meter, AES-EBU

Dorrough 40-A.jpg

Dorrough 40-A

VU & PEAK reading large scale meter


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