Hollywood Sound Systems has one of the largest pro audio rental selections in the Los Angeles region — including new and vintage audio equipment, microphones, PA and monitor systems, mixers, and so much more. Our online list reflects only a part of our full inventory — if there’s a product you would like that isn't listed here, call us. Our rental agents are ready to assist you!

Weekly and monthly rates are available. You’ll find information about the LES F. HARRISON MICROPHONE COLLECTION of rare and interesting mics here.

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Sound Control

Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket - black and black

VOCAL BOOTH TO GO / Acoustic Sound Blanket - black

The Producer's Choice Acoustic Sound Blanket from Vocal Booth To Go is perfect for hanging in your recording studio space to block noise and positively dampen acoustics. The black color provides total darkness and controls the lighting, making the blanket invisible in the dark; 96"(H) x 80"(W), with grommets.

VB-72G Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket - white and black

VOCAL BOOTH TO GO / Acoustic Sound Blanket - black/white

The Producer's Choice Acoustic Sound Blanket from Vocal Booth To Go is perfect for blocking noise and positively accentuating acoustics in your recording studio space. The black color provides total darkness and controls the lighting, making the blankets invisible in the dark. Or, use the white side to brighten or lighten a room, or for special lighting conditions; 96"(H) x 80"(W), black and white, with grommets.

Clearsonic A5-5.jpg

Clearsonic CSP A5-5 Drum Shield

Clearsonic CSP A5-5 Drum Shield stands 5.5 ft.

GOBO half size.jpg

HSS acoustic Gobo / studio baffle

Studio Baffle 4ft wide x 3.5ft tall


HSS Acoustic Gobo / full sized Studio sound baffle with window

Studio Baffle 8ft tall x 4ft wide with window

Whisper Room Soundproof Booth.jpg

Whisper Room - Semi-Portable Sound Booth

Remote Voice Over Room, mixing room, quiet test room

Field Equipment

IntelliStage platform.jpg

IntelliStage Portable riser System

Lightweight collapsible riser - modular system for stage, drums, choir etc. 4 each 4X4 foot squares.. make 4X 16 foot, 8X8 foot platforms etc. 8 inches high

CANARE fiber optic reel with cable.jpg


Canare Fiber Optic Cable on Reel

steel deck.jpg

Steel Deck Platform

48" x 48" x 24 - 48"

New Haven Moving Pad.jpg

New Haven Moving pad

6' x 6' packing blanket

Gradlight worklight.jpg

Grandlight Work light

400 watt, halogen

Tensor Desk Lamp.jpg

Tensor Desk lamp

15 watt lamp

Mole Richardson sandbag.jpg

Mole Sandbag



HSS Tarp

Misc sizes


HSS large studio Baffle / Gobo

Studio Baffle 8' x 4', or 8' x 4' w/ window

GOBO half size.jpg

HSS Studio Baffle / Gobo

Studio Baffle / Gobo 4' x 3.5'

MCD Podium 3.jpg

MCD Acrylic Lectern

Clear Acrylic / Plexiglass Lectern. Model B - Top Platform: 18" x 26", Bottom Base: 18" x 22", Height 46"

Handiramp AMF6.jpg

Handiramp AMF 6

Van Loading ramp

AC Distro

furman pm-8.jpg


The Furman PM-8 Power Conditioner Monitor combines high voltage spike and surge suppression circuitry with an RFI/EMI interference filter to protect equipment; 15 amps, 85-135 vac.

Furman M-8x2


The Furman M-8x2 is a 15A standard power conditioner, featuring 8 switched outlets in the rear panel (8 rear + 1 front panel outlet), to protect equipment up to a 15-amp load, surge protection, and noise filtration.

Furman PL-PLUS.jpg

Furman PL-PLUS

1 rack space AC distribution, lights

Far Outlet Model 250.jpg

Galaxy Far Outlet 2

300 watt DC to AC inverted power supply

Motion Lab cam 5 rev.jpg

Motion Labs CAM-5

3 Phase, 200 Amp Power Distro

Motion Labs RAC-PAC.jpg

Motion Labs RAC-PAC

3 rack space 50A/240V single phase; 6 20 amp circuits+ aux

TrippLite 1500 LCD.jpg

TrippLite 1500LCD

1500VA 8-Outlet UPS

Peterson Yellow Jackets 4 channel.jpg

Peterson Yellow Jackets

3' / 4 channel cable crossover

PGS 50 Amp subpanel

240V / 50A 1ø AC distro, Hubble to PBG or Twist

Powerstat Variac.jpg

Powerstat Variac

20 Amp/ 120- 125 volt

whirlwind custom ac distro 1.jpg


The Whirlwind Custom 3-Phase AC Distro System has a 100 amp per leg capability and features digital meters for safe operation.


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